Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TE Incentives DMC quotes net non commissionable rates either per person or per service, as shown in our chart of costs. Prices are always calculated in good faith and our quotations are based on the specific characteristics of every program, number of participants, date of trip, and other special considerations. Local taxes are always included. FIT rates do not apply for incentives and meetings. Our prices are subject to alteration due to governmental legislation such as increase of VAT and also in case of change in travel dates, or in number of participants or in number of rooms.

Once the client requests TE Incentives DMC to proceed with firm reservations, a contract will be prepared and send to client for revision and signage.

Rooming list and participant’s list

The client must send the final rooming list to the DMC (a list with the distribution of participants per room including names and occupancy, such as single – double or triple) 30 days prior to date of first service to be provided by the DMC.

Additionally, the client must send a list of participants showing the following information: address, telephone, passport number, gender, food restrictions, weight, and any detail considered important that the DMC must take into consideration concerning the participants (special health conditions, medications, etc). This participant’s list will be used to coordinate the express check in, to buy the Costa Rica departure tax (if requested by the client), and will also be sent to each supplier for their own knowledge about the participants profile with the only purpose to provide them a high quality service.

In case of car rentals (4X4 adventures or rallys), as part of the itinerary for the whole journey or for specific routes, this participants’ list must include the driver’s license number and the expiration date.

Important remark: the DMC will not be responsible for mistakes in participants’ name or passport numbers, when buying the Costa Rica departure tax, as it will be bought based on the participants’ list sent by the client. In case of wrong names or passport numbers in the departure tax forms, the migration office at the international airport will ask participants to pay the departure tax again.

Date to send these documents will be determined based on the policies of the different suppliers providing services and in our policies as well and faithfully should be obeyed, otherwise would affect the proper planning of the program.

Reduction of participants and rooms

Considering each supplier has its own policy in regards to the maximum quantity of participants/rooms that can be reduced without penalty, the DMC will include in the contract, detailed information regarding the deadlines and maximum number of participants/rooms to be reduced without penalty. If the quantity reduced by the client exceeds the given limits, a 100% cancellation charge will apply.

If the contract is signed with 30 days or less before date of first service to be provided by the DMC, the client will not be able to reduce the number of participants/rooms booked and if this occurs, a charge of the 100% will apply due to late cancellation.

Letters, Instructions, Texts, Logos, Gifts and Other Materials

The client must send all kind of materials such as: letters, instructions, texts, logos or gifts needed during the execution of the program, at least 30 days before date of first service to be provided by the DMC and must report any important details regarding these to the DMC.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is based on the policies of the suppliers included in the program and will be included in the contract with indications about deadlines and penalties.

Payment of participants’ additional expenses/services

The client must inform the DMC in advance, the payment procedure regarding additional expenses of the participants throughout the program. If TE Incentives DMC is asked to pay for the additional expenses/services, a 15% handling fee will be added to the total to be paid.

Confidentiality Agreement

The rates of the different services offered to the client have been especially negotiated for every particular program, and therefore they are confidential and should not be divulged by the client nor by any of the parts involved.

Payment Method

All the services offered by the DMC to the client must be prepaid in a 100% before date of the first service to be provided by the DMC. This prepayment can be done by check in US dollars, banking wire transfer or credit card, in this last case a surcharge will be made by the DMC according to the percentage charged by the local bank.

If the prepayment is not received according to what is stipulated in the contract, the DMC has the right to cancel the services hired by the client.

The partial deposits or total prepayments to the local suppliers of the DMC are non refundable once the contract is signed by the client.

The payment dates and amounts are determined based on the payment policies of the suppliers included in the program and based on the DMC payment policies as well.

Payment Instructions

Please send payments by check in US dollars to the following postal address in the United States:

Travel Excellence 7805 NW 15th Street, Suite 506-108 Miami, FL 33126-1109 USA

If you prefer to send a bank transfer, follow the next steps:

  1. Wire transfer charges must be paid by the client sending the money to the DMC. When calculating the amount to be paid, the client must add the local bank transfer fee.
  2. Client must select one of the following banks and provide complete information when sending the bank transfer. Please note Banco Nacional de Costa Rica provides SWIFT code, while Chase Bank an ABA/Routing number instead.

    Transfer to: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica Address: Avenida 3, calle 1, San Jose, Costa Rica Telephone: + (506) 2212 2000 SWIFT: BNCRCRSJ Beneficiary: Travel Excellence, S.A. Account number: 100-02-087-600402-8 Address: Avenue 1, Streets 28 & 30, #2845 San Jose, Costa Rica PHONE + (506) 2523 9100 FAX + (506) 2523 9199

    Transfer to: CHASE BANK Address: 8111 Preston Rd. Suite 225 Dallas, TX 75225 USA Telephone: (214) 360-3908 ABA/Routing: 021000021 Account#: 712932334 Account Name: Travel Excellence, S. A.

  3. Client must provide the bank with the company name (as known by the DMC sales staff), program name and/or the invoice(s) number(s).
  4. To send a transfer from abroad in an efficient manner, it is important that this information be given exact and complete to you bank, otherwise the funds may be sent elsewhere and their arrival to our account in Costa Rica will be delayed.
  5. Finally, please confirm payment by sending a copy of the deposit slip from your bank to our fax + (506) 2523-9199. Please make sure you make all payments in the name of Travel Excellence, S.A.

Operational Considerations

The operation of the services will always be subject to change due to weather conditions or nature, and the DMC can make any necessary changes in the daily schedule before arrival of participants or during their stay in country in order to guarantee safety and enjoyment. Look for specific information on this in our Chart of costs.

The clients can choose one of the following CHECK-IN alternatives for the participants:

Regular check-in: Upon arrival to the hotel, all participants must fill out the registration form and present a personal credit card, as a guarantee for all incidentals. Additionally all of them must pay for their incidentals at check-out time.

Express check-in: In order to do an express check-in, there are two basic requirements:

  1. To create a master account at the hotel (this must be done in advance) using only one credit card as a guarantee for the incidentals of all participants. The client must inform the DMC if participants will pay for their own incidentals individually at check-out time or if all incidentals must be charged to the credit card used to open the master account.
  2. To send a list of participants 30 days before check-in date. The list must include the following information: full name, passport number, telephone number, e-mail address, physical address and country of permanent residence.

Important remarks:

  • In order to create the master account at every hotel, there will be specific requirements and procedures that vary from property to property. Detailed information on this will be included in the program's confirmation.
  • The credit card used as a guarantee for the master account can be the client's. If so, the client will pay directly to the hotel all incidentals charged to this account at check-out time. Another alternative is to use the DMC's credit card, which means the DMC will pay the hotel for all incidentals charged and the client will be charged after the program's operation. The DMC will add a 15% handling fee to the total charged by the hotel. The client must inform the DMC in advance which of these two options prefers, so the DMC can properly make all the necessary arrangements with the hotel.

Yellow fever vaccine:

The government of Costa Rica requires proof of yellow fever vaccination for all travellers arriving from the following countries with risk of yellow fever:

a) SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leona and Sudan.

b) SOUTH AMERICA: Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

c) THE CARIBBEAN: French Guiana.

All travellers arriving from these areas are required to proof that they have been vaccinated through the presentation of a valid International Certificates of Vaccination against yellow fever. Please notice that this certificate will be valid only 10 days after vaccination.

Will be exempt from the requirement of vaccination against yellow fever those travellers in the following cases:

  • Travellers that have been in transit through the countries at risk above mentioned, whether in airports, sea ports or land borders.
  • Transit visitors coming from a country at risk and those visitors having to remain in Costa Rican territory for 24 hours of more, for reasons of force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions, or due to occasional delay in the arrival of a connecting flight or maintenance problems of the aircraft on which they are supposed to continue their trip.
  •  Travellers who have been in countries considered at risk, but who have remained at least 6 days in a non-risk country before entering Costa Rican territory and who have not developed the yellow fever.

Migration authorities will request the International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever to all foreigners coming from countries at risk. Those who do not have a valid certificate will be denied entry.

Foreigners with a contraindication for vaccination against yellow fever coming from countries at risk must provide a valid, legal medical report, endorsed by the national health authority of the country and must present it before entering Costa Rica.

Vaccination against yellow fever will be obligatory for all travellers, except for those with contraindications to the yellow fever vaccine.

The following conditions are considered absolute contraindications:

  1. Children under 9 months old.
  2. People with severe allergy to eggs.
  3. Immunosuppression.
  4. Persons with a thymus

There must be a medical assessment of the pros and cons of vaccination on travellers with the following conditions:

  1. Persons over 60 years old.
  2. Pregnant women or breastfeeding.
  3. Historia familiar de eventos adversos asociados a la vacunación contra fiebre amarilla.
  4. Family history of adverse events associated with vaccination against yellow fever
  5. Hypersensitivity to gelatin.
  6. Asymptomatic HIV infection, with laboratory verification of adequate immune system function.

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