Why to choose Costa Rica?

Why to choose Costa Rica?

Why to choose Costa Rica

A few years ago, Costa Rica was appointed by SITE, as “the number one destination for incentives”, and besides this special recognition, there are other motivating facts about the country we want to share with you:

It is not just business: it is the little things, the personal touches. It is originality and state-of-the-art amenities perfectly complementing a program. It is reliability you can count on when people are counting on you. It is something we take personally.

Warm Costa Rican hospitality: the local touch that we incorporate in our programs, to make participants feel at home or even better.

A mature destination: the country has emerged as one of the “hot destinations” for incentives and meetings since 2001 and as your partners, we are committed from start to finish. “Number one destination for incentives” announced by SITE in 2007.

Excellent value for money: discover how the correct selection of services beat your expectations in terms of quality and added value.

Close enough for far-out incentives: only a connection away from Europe and direct flights from the major cities in Canada and USA.

For a can’t miss program: select a can’t miss destination: Costa Rica.

This is the place where innovation, recreation, natural beauty and finely honed attention to detail combine to create the perfect incentive or meeting experience.

Costa Rica’s impressive landscape is filled with great diversity because of the country’s convenient location between two continents and two oceans. This convergence of land and water makes the country a great bottleneck, which is also ecologically rich.

The words that best describe Costa Rica are perhaps "pura vida". It means "pure life" and that is what visitors to this Central American country will find. From exotic animal life to exotic scenery, travellers will find themselves inexorably drawn to Costa Rica and its residents.

Costa Rica is a peaceful society and it is the oldest democracy in Latin America. The country has also gained international recognition for its educational system assuring a very high literacy rate, an achievement very few countries in Latin American can claim.

The climate is tropical, the average temperature varies around 27º C / 80º F, with only two seasons: dry from November to April and rainy from May to October with a “little summer” in the month of July and the first half of August. Due to its topography, the climate varies from “Eternal Spring” in the upper Central Valley (year round average of 23ºC) to the lowland coastal regions that vary between 21º C to 32º C depending of the Season. Participants can wear comfortable clothes all year long to any place they go.

The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish. Every tourist related business throughout the country have employees who also speak English and other languages.

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