Activities and Transportation

Activities and Transportation


Food and Beverage (F&B) functions are often the most memorable elements of a program. These events are where participants have many rewarding experiences. A program’s meals, cocktail parties, and even a snack greatly influence participants’ perception of how the overall program is operating. Our staff recognizes this and manages every aspect of every function, oftentimes waking up before the first egg is cracked and retiring only after the last cocktail is poured. They work long, hard days to ensure the flawless execution of a program’s meals and parties.

We review all Banquet Orders to ensure that the food is set up on time, seating is available for all participants, and that charge is done at contracted prices for only the quantities ordered. We also resolve questions regarding menus, times, themes, and signage. Our staff on site identifies VIPs to banquet servers, monitor service quality during the event, and stay with the function until its conclusion.

Influenced by both its climate and its history, traditional Costa Rican cuisine uses profusely tropical fruits and vegetables, prepared with recipes that combine indigenous and European influences.

The food staples of Costa Rican diet are local agricultural products: rice, beans, vegetables, fruits and dairy products, many kinds of meat and native recipes based on corn. Costa Rican cuisine is mild and does not abuse of spices. Only some meat sauces use moderate amounts of chili.

Meat is often served with corn tortillas, potatoes, sweet potatoes or yucca. Plantains, similar to bananas but bigger, are often used as vegetables and are also another Costa Rican stale. They need to be cooked, and can’t be consumed raw. They are prepared in one thousand ways: boiled, fried, roasted…

Costa Rica offers contrasting flavours to be tasted throughout the country, from nouvelle and typical cuisine to the best international options. Fresh and tropical exotic ingredients are the perfect touch to turn a simple menu into a seasoned master piece.

Dozens of menu choices not to mention signature dishes. What could be better than servers who often anticipate participants’ dining preferences the moment they come through the door? Whether it is a casual meal for lunch or a fine dining celebration, they will be treated with excellent service and delicious cuisine.

Beverages will always match the most exquisite meals. Dining in Costa Rica is truly a pleasant experience. The possibilities are deliciously diverse and can be enjoyed at restaurants and also at impressive sceneries.


The program activities are oftentimes the most remembered elements of an incentive or business trip. Activities offer participants a chance to relax between intense meetings, or provide a way for a client to reward top performers. We know how to manage this social aspect of the program, from reserving tennis courts or tee times, to scheduling snorkeling excursions or adventure tours. Our MICE specialists manage and coordinate between transportation companies, excursion suppliers, and participants to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Our staff on site is responsible for details such as reviewing pre-registration sign-ups with suppliers. They must cross-reference activity maximum numbers with the sign-up lists to ensure clients have enough space for all of their participants. We will coordinate transportation to and from the activity spot, order box lunches if necessary, and inform participants of their departure time, suggested attire, and relay any other pertinent activity information.

Costa Rica abounds with activities and sights to occupy the most active outdoor participants and those who just want to relax and rejuvenate. With such a variety of activities, clients will find something of interest for people with different profiles.

The country has a diversity of wildlife species and plenty of ways to view them. There are wonderful trips to the rain forest, the Arenal and Rincon de la Vieja active volcanoes, and nocturnal walks to observe giant sea turtles. If participants are the ocean lover type, they might stay above it or explore beneath it.

Surf themselves along the shore, or take them on a boat out on an exciting trip to do snorkeling or scuba diving and let them see brilliant marine wildlife.

Participants will never run out of things to do in Costa Rica! Programs will always be designed taking pick of the best bits and according to the specific needs, interests and expectations of every client.

Green or dry season? sailing, rafting, horse riding? We have got Costa Rica journeys from the city, the beach and the countryside, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Costa Rica is full of outdoor exciting activities that will make every person to feel alive and rewarded. The options go from the active – adventurous to the relaxing, from the beach to the nature oriented experience, from individual to group options. We create extraordinary experiences!

Transportation and excursions

Moving attendees from one place to another is a basic requirement of almost every meeting or corporate program. This may be as complex as organizing an arrival day shuttle with various buses to take guests from multiple airports to multiple properties, or it may be as simple as arranging a single 4X4 transfer to drive guests to and from dinner.

Either way, transportation is tricky. When it runs as planned, it goes unnoticed. However, if one transfer is late, one bag is left behind, or one bus gets lost, an entire meeting program can be tainted. We know what questions to ask and how to plan ahead so that all attendees moves, regardless of how big or small, run smoothly and with a backup plan.

We know how to proactively arrange program departures and coordinate these details between a hotel and a transportation company. Our staff on site manages the luggage pull process and departure grids, not only giving hotels and transportation companies valuable schedule information, but also personalizing departure notices go let each attendee knows exactly where and when they need to be ready so as to not miss their flight. They also cross-check manifest lists, dates, times and vehicle requirements for all intra-program movements, as well as assist people with emergency travel and airport information when needed.

We provide transportation service and excursions using deluxe buses in all sizes, minivans, limousines, and exclusive 4WD vehicles. Large deluxe coaches can usually seat up to 40-54 people and offer many luxurious amenities to make travel as comfortable as possible. It is our goal to make transfers as seamless as possible.

We offer our clients door-to-door convenience, customized, reliable service. Our transportation suppliers have top of the line, deluxe motor coaches, most of which include reclining seats with plenty of leg room, individual reading lights, restrooms, overhead racks for carry-on bags, climate-controlled air conditioning and heating, panoramic windows, weather-proof luggage compartments, heavy duty shocks for a smooth ride, and audio/video equipment.

Because of our extensive experience in group transportation, our extensive network of rental partners, and our management practices including constant monitoring of our network providers, participants can rest assured that they will receive the best service in country.

Experienced drivers take attendants to nearly every corner of the country on Costa Rica's more than 35000 kilometres of road.

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