Giveaways and Live entertainment

Giveaways and Live entertainment

Life Entertainment


What is the secret to finding the perfect giveaways for your program? Here is what we believe is important when choosing the right giveaways.

  • Know the participants’ preferences. Select gifts that they would use in their normal course of business and at home.
  • Find relevant products that represent what the client (company) is about or those in which you can stamp or embroider the company logo or a special message.
  • Let quality be your guide. You cannot make a first impression twice!

Giveaways are truly the perfect detail to add to your program. Selecting the right kind of giveaways is extremely important, as it carries the prestige of your company. We will guide you through original local alternatives that participants will find valuable.

There is a multitude of different items you could consider as a premium giveaway. However, which one will best suit your purpose? To select the right item, decide on your objective. Do you want it to enhance a theme, convey a specific message, or educate participants?

The price range for giveaway items is enormous. Quality, quantity, and special orders, all impact the price. We will always provide options according to your budget and specific needs.


Entertainment is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s life. You cannot consider some devices as the medium of entertainment. Anything that can give people joy and fun may be called entertainment. Many kinds of live and original entertainments are available to give participants an outstanding experience of enjoyment.

Various kinds of live music concerts, dance shows, sports, and shows are arranged to be included as part of incentive programs. In these live shows people can have fun and sometimes they can even interact with local entertainers. Theatre is a type of entertainment which has been getting popularity for many decades. It is able to entertain the people of all age groups and sometimes it can be arranged to take place anywhere in the country and not only at a theater.

Our main goal at TE Incentives DMC is to choose the right talented entertainers for each specific program or event, and this is truly an ability that requires extensive knowledge of the available options.

All of the entertainments that we offer are the most endowed, reliable, and professional, but obviously they are not all appropriate for the same venues. Selecting the right one is our job and we do it based on the client’s needs, the participant’s profile, the theme or target, the budget and logistical limitations.

We certainly have the experience to consider them as a perfect match to the different activities throughout the program, from a breakfast at the hotel to an off site venue.

If you want to bring your meal, reception or private event to the next level, there are many live entertainment options in Costa Rica, which will add on the magical atmosphere always desired. Our proposals show basic options, but there are plenty of additional alternatives if required.

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