Off Site Venues and Themed Events

Off Site Venues and Themed Events


We listen carefully and anticipate your needs. Our business is to make your private event the most successful, comfortable, and as engaging as possible. Choosing the right location is a huge part of that. Too often poor location (such as loud restaurants, stale event rooms with out-dated equipment and poor lighting) can ruin the success of any event, and reflect poorly on you or your business.

When we talk with you, we listen to your needs while asking specific questions about the nature of your event and location ideas and preferences. We can anticipate the unforeseen snags that often occur when trying to plan a large event on your own. We supply all the footwork, down to the last detail, so you can focus on the event, no matter the size.

Our staff is creative, practical, friendly to your budgeting needs, and will make sure that your event is professional, memorable and worry free.

  • A corporate picnic at one of the area’s well-known coffee plantations may be a perfect opportunity for socializing, team building, and tasting some of the Costa Rican best coffees.
  • A business meeting at a luxury hotel will provide elegance to your business meeting or social event.
  • An evening of light appetizers, followed by a typical music presentation, is the perfect opportunity for participants to mingle and enjoy the cultural offerings of the area.

We secure sites that will accommodate all participants while creating a stimulating and professional atmosphere for your event. We are excellent at partnering with many locations in the country that are perfect for your events. Our working relationships with many local establishments and resources allow us to offer unique and entertaining venues in which to host your event.

In Costa Rica, participants can choose from various unique, affordable, luxurious and convenient off site venues that will make every meeting, dinner, or special event memorable.

From a gala set up amidst some of the most impressive natural stages to a meeting with a view of the Tropical Rain Forest, Costa Rica’s outstanding venues will make your event original and special.

The possibilities to succeed have no limits, whether outdoor or in-door, Costa Rica is a perfect backdrop that will always meet the most demanding needs… a place that inspires people in a way no other award possibly can.


When you are hosting a fabulous event, you want participants to be excited about attending it. You also want them to remember it after they have left. For those reasons, picking a great event theme is incredibly important.

These days, it is no longer enough to have a simple party or function. People expect more out of their events. They like to be entertained and they like their functions to be memorable and unique. The right theme can help ensure that your event is both of these things. However, a theme can also be helpful to you as well.

When you decide to work with a particular theme, you will usually find that the rest of your event planning goes a lot more smoothly as well. You can select your menu, decorations, and even entertainment to reflect the theme itself.

If you want to be creative in choosing a theme, try doing something a little out of the ordinary. We offer a wide variety of original and attractive options to meet different budgets.

The key to keeping a good theme is to make sure it all ties together. Details are important. Participants will remember some of the smaller things that you do. They also tend to like things that are individualized. At a Costa Rican Typical theme event, for example, invest in some small pottery pieces and supply participants with paint and paint brushes. Have a pottery piece design contest. For a gala night, create VIP tickets with the participants’ names on them and use them as place card settings at the tables.

To make your special event truly memorable and exciting requires genuine flair, creativity and professionalism. TE Incentives DMC will manage your event down to the smallest detail. Our aim is to create themed events and concepts that will, “WOW” your guests, exceed your expectations and make your event memorable.

We have many innovative concepts and decorative ideas that will fulfil any requirement. Our team can further assist in concept and design, decoration, distinctive centrepieces, and other related services. We can turn a plain room into a jungle, a city, a countryside landscape, or the world you desire, through our creative designs and concepts. Your event will suddenly become exhilarating.

We deliver innovative and modern ideas for all types of events, whether they are in or outdoors, big or small. Creativity and originality go hand in hand to create eye-catching, stylish, and exciting events and themes.

From the entrance, to the main room, to the stage to the table styling, we will take care of everything.

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