Understanding of Incentive travel

Understanding of Incentive travel

We perfectly understand the essence of our business: preparing the perfect settings, ensuring every detail and every participant are fully taken care of, elevating every event to a level that is unmistakably TE Incentives DMC, delivering services as offered, and always exceeding the expectations.


- Can no detail go unforgotten?
- Can you create any extravagantly-themed event I dream up?
- Can I stop worrying about the selection of appropriate off site venues and activities?
- Can a round of golf at a Ted Robinson-designed course be in the program?
- Can I have a cocktail party on a terrace overlooking a tropical pool?
- Can you guarantee every aspect of the program will be delivered as promised?

We excel at transforming this understanding into strategically designed incentive solutions. This approach results in better ideas, more creative options, and ultimately, more lasting motivation. It is what enables us to help clients meet ever-higher expectations from program participants each year.We go beyond finding new activities or unexpected sites, designing and executing complete solutions that include surprise factor, activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our primary goal is to act as incentive program consultants and facilitators, helping accomplish your motivation and performance improvement objectives in the most appropriate manner for your team, your budget and your unique use case. We work through and cooperate with loyalty to offer a flexible alternatives.

By enabling your success, we too become successful. That is why our client list continues to grow and includes some of the finest corporations.

A program for every need

At TE Incentives DMC, we know to facilitate the creation of an ideal program, every feature must be tailored to the participants’ interests. A successful incentive program requires clearly defined rules, suitable rewards, efficient communication strategies, and content according to participants’ interests, needs and expectations. By adapting each element of the program to fit the target audience, our clients are better able to engage program participants and enhance the overall program effectiveness. Costa Rica has many options to choose from, all we need to receive is a detailed request indicating what your needs are and we will design accordingly. The program orientation can be relaxation, adventure, team building, sustainability, and many more… you will be amazed by the variety of properties, activities and dinning options this little country has to offer.

TE Incentives DMC is committed to helping all type of companies to be completely satisfied with their incentive programs. We understand that every business is different and holds unique characteristics, needs and targets and we will provide attractive alternatives according to budget, expectations and participants’ profile.

An incentive can be created for a variety of reasons including as recognition for meeting sales targets, safety accomplishments, attendance, customer service improvements, or as a loyalty reward to customers, and programs must be designed accordingly and taking into consideration specific needs.

Variety of areas in a same country, different itineraries, and levels of accommodations allow an organization to set up an award significant to the achievement with enough incentive to make it happen. Participants receive a memorable reward with a relaxing yet fun itinerary, great food, and one of kind accommodations.

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