Giveaways and hospitality desk

Giveaways and hospitality desk


What is the secret to finding the perfectgiveaways for your meeting? Here is what we believe is important when choosing the right giveaways.

  • Know the delegates’ preferences. Select gifts that they would use in their normal course of business and at home.
  • Find relevant products that represent the essence of the meeting or those in which you can stamp or embroider a special message.
  • Let quality be your guide. You cannot make a first impression twice!

Giveaways are truly the perfect detail to add to your meeting. Selecting the right kind of giveaways is extremely important, as it carries the prestige of the company. We will guide you through original local alternatives that attendants will find valuable.

There is a multitude of different items you could consider as a premium giveaway. However, which one will best suit your purpose? To select the right item, decide on your objective. Do you want it to enhance a theme, convey a specific message, or educate people?

The price range for giveaway items is enormous. Quality, quantity, and special orders, all impact the price. We will always provide options according to your budget and specific needs.


Delegates and guests will have questions. What time does the dinner transfer depart? Where is the pool, the restroom, the business center? What is tomorrow’s agenda? Whatever their questions are, no matter how many times they ask, they expect friendly, accurate answers. The hospitality desk staff must be approachable, informed and always prepared to anticipate the needs of people.

As the face of the organization, the hospitality desk staff raises the bar, demonstrating the high professional standards of both attitude and attire that should be expected on any meeting program. Whatever the task, from organizing name badges, following up on log book requests, or directing delegates and guests to specific activities and events, the Hospitality Desk anticipates any questions and issues before they become problems.

Managed by qualified staff, specially trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge about Costa Rica will be available at your Hospitality Desk to assist you and attendants with every need, from restaurant reservations and golf tee times to activities and all our country has to offer!

This service is available on full day (eight hours) or half day (four hours) basis, with one or more staff members according to the client's needs. When including this service in your meeting, you must consider the following additional expenses: telephone line (by the hotel), phone calls, and extra hours if needed.






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