Hotels and F & B Programs

Hotels and F & B Programs


From mountain and jungle lodges to hotels, from small deluxe properties to resorts, the country offers chances for every taste, budget and need. The services offered are numerous and varied: rooms with all sorts of comforts, impressive suites, attention to details, refined materials used for building, elegant decorative elements, bringing back of tradition and attention to modernity.

Costa Rica's diverse accommodations enable attendees and clients of all kind of background to experience the country any way they wish. At TE Incentives DMC, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Costa Rica hotels, which provide our clients with tremendous flexibility when assembling their meeting or corporate program. No matter what type of accommodation they seek for a unique conference or meeting, we offer hotels to match every budget, group size, and destination within the Costa Rican territory. We also offer convenient accommodations options near the SJO and LIR international airports.

Attendees rooms are undoubtedly one of the most difficult and important areas to manage on a program, requiring the focus of very detail oriented staff. Questions such as which attendees need two beds, a king bed, adjoining rooms, a smoking or non-smoking room, a suite, an ocean view, or handicapped access barely scratch the surface of possible rooming issues. For example, have the pre and post extensions set up correctly? Whose incidentals should be billed to the master account?

The staff in charge of the meeting knows exactly what to ask and how to research these questions. They work closely with the hotel’s staff, together attending every little detail. They also cross checks rooming lists and verify hotel occupancy the night prior to arrival day.

All different accommodations, regardless of where they are located, offer high-skilled staff to care for attendants and companions that wish to deep themselves in the magic atmosphere of an incomparable land.

You can count on us for hotel reservations including rooms, private areas, and services in general.


Influenced by both its climate and its history, traditional Costa Rican cuisine uses profusely tropical fruits and vegetables, prepared with recipes that combine indigenous and European influences. The food staples of Costa Rican diet are local agricultural products: rice, beans, vegetables, fruits and dairy products, many kinds of meat and native recipes based on corn. Costa Rican cuisine is mild and does not abuse of spices. Only some meat sauces use moderate amounts of chili. Meat is often served with corn tortillas, potatoes, sweet potatoes or yucca. Plantains, similar to bananas but bigger, are often used as vegetables and are also another Costa Rican stale. They need to be cooked, and can’t be consumed raw. They are prepared in one thousand ways: boiled, fried, roasted...

Food and Beverage (F&B) functions are one of the most important parts of a meeting. Our staff recognizes this and manages every aspect of the meal service, oftentimes waking up before the first egg is cracked and retiring only after the last cocktail is poured. They work long, hard days to ensure the flawless execution of all meals.

We review all Banquet Orders to ensure that the food is set up on time, seating is available for all delegates and guests. We also resolve questions regarding menus, times, themes, and signage. Our staff on site identifies VIPs to banquet servers, monitor service quality during the event, and stay with the function until its conclusion.

Let us help you to select the best dining options in Costa Rica and to recommend the best food and beverages alternatives to meet your attendants´ preferences. Our qualified staff has knowledge in the areas of wine, the art of eating and dining, bartending and dining room service, costing and service.

Our recommendations include restaurants, bars, lounges, off site venues, catering service, and food service at hotels and we do the complete management of your F & B program.

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