Meeting facilities and suppliers

Meeting facilities and suppliers


Choosing meeting facilities might not seem like one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a corporate event or a meeting, but it most certainly ranks up there as one of the most important, both geographically and physically.

For the happiness of your delegates and guests, and for the flow of your event it is of critical importance that you select a venue with adequate conference facilities and ample space for your event requirements. Similarly in correctly planning the location of your conference you can help keep your delegates closer to the heart of your organization and more at ease with the message you are trying to promote. Selecting the right meeting facilities for your client starts with one important step: what does the client need, and what does the client want for the event? The exact requirements will naturally vary according to the size of the meeting you have planned and the line up on the event itinerary. If it is going to focus on several core speakers, you may want to opt for places that are designed to house attendees theatre-style, and that has a reliable audio visual backend.

If on the other hand the meeting or conference is likely to be more practically focused, you might want to look for a venue that is more space orientated, something that provides a good floor area for the set-ups. There is no way you can anticipate your client’s needs before you start planning the event, so get thinking on that point beforehand to start your search for the ideal meeting venue.

We know the meeting facility should provide excellent space for required meetings. It must be conveniently located in an area close to other hotels, restaurants, banks, transportation, and shopping areas, and must provide a social environment conducive to networking among attendants.

These are the main factors we take into consideration at the time of suggesting meeting facilities, so you can select the option that specifically meet your meeting needs. Then we will be glad to assist you with reservation and general coordination with the meeting facility.


Our primary goal is to act as meeting program consultants and facilitators, helping accomplish your motivation and performance improvement objectives in the most appropriate manner for your program, delegates, guest and your unique use case. We work through and cooperate with loyalty to offer the best alternatives.

The way to assure that suppliers will provide you with quality services is to receive supplier recommendations from a local specialist. We have already developed a partnership with the best companies in the country to help you with all kind of services required for your meeting.

All you have to do is to send us your specific needs and we will come up with the best suggestions, then we will be glad to assist you with reservations and general coordination with the suppliers or if you prefer, you can deal directly with them.

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